Digital image reproduced form a half-plate glass negative of Dr Frederick John Clendinnen, pioneering Melbourne radiologist, in his x-ray laboratory or 'electrical room' in his home, 'Haven', Williams Road, Hawksburn, Victoria, circa 1910.

The photograph was probably taken by Clendinnen's son, Leslie John Clendinnen (1887-1954), who also became a radiologist. The original glass plate is in a plate envelope titled 'Father (Electrical Room)'.

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Dr Frederick J. Clendinnen with x-ray equipment.

Physical Description

Digital black and white image


Frederick John Clendinnen (1860-1913) was a pioneering radiologist in Melbourne. He began taking x-rays in 1896, shortly after Wilhelm Roentgen's discovery of x-rays in 1895. Clendinnen established a laboratory at the back of his home and medical practice in Williams Road, Hawksburn, In 1896 he became the first radiologist at Melbourne Hospital.

This image is the only known image of his x-ray laboratory, and demonstrates the extensive range of x-ray equipment that he developed. Many of the x-ray tubes that he used or experimented with are in the bookcases at the back of the laboratory. Clendinnen's son, Leslie John Clendinnen, also a radiologist, donated his father's collection of early x-ray tubes to the Industrial & Technological Museum in Melbourne in 1916.

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