The pandanus 'handbag' is a signature style developed by Kunwinjku women in the early 2000s and a classic example of innovation in Arnhem Land fibre art practice. The bag is a deviation from the classic rectangular form with pandanus used instead of string and coiling in place of netting techniques in its construction.The form is consequently rigid and with a base line longer than the top of the bag, a bicornial shape is created making it appearance similar to a 'handbag'. While such forms are created for selling through the Injalak Arts Centre at Gunbalanya, the women continue to make string bags for sale and also for their own use.

Physical Description

Handbag, open coiled, in a bicornial form with horizontal bands of dyed pandanus (purple and brown) and undyed pandanus. The wrapped pandanus handle is attached in the middle of the sides giving it a handbag-like appearance.

Local Name

djerrh kunngobarn baladji


Mary Badari often makes coiled bicornial pandanus handbags, such as this.

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