Kunwinjku women make baskets and bowls that resemble household items and the one here is a popular form with its handles on opposite sides resembling a saucepan. It is known by the Kunwinjku term 'djabbilarna'. The large surface of this form allows for experimentation with colour and patterning, the rows often being stitched closely and tightly to intensify the colour.

Judy Djakgalawuy makes large examples of the bowls known as djabbilarna and uses the surface to play with colour. She creates contrasts by alternating solid horizontal bands of colour, in this instance to form what is referred to as a 'pie slice' pattern.

Physical Description

Circular bowl, coiled, made with horizontal bands of dyed pandanus and a 'pie slice' design on the base. The bowl has three rows of alternating colour of red and yellow.It has two short rigid coiled handles that emerge from the last coil bundle at the rim on opposite sides.

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