Kunwinjku women make baskets and bowls that resemble household items. This basket with its round flat bottom form and handle resembles a bucket and is known by the Kunwinjku term 'badjkid'.

Physical Description

Conical flat bottomed basket created using three-strand twining. It has alternating bands of dyed pandanus (orange and brown). The rigid coiled handle is fixed on opposite sides of the rim.

Local Name



This basket or badjkid is highly unusual in that it is constructed entirely using three-strand twining. This technique is usually confined to being used to create a single row or create a band around the body of a twined basket. The feature of this work is the use of broad alternate bands of undyed and dyed pandanus. The muted colours reflect the seasonal variation in plant growth and properties, in this instance of the dry season when the plants used for the brilliantly coloured dyes are scarce.

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