This canoe basket has been coiled with dyed and undyed pandanus with a plait in the centre of the base. Plaiting is a technique some of the artists at Gunbalanya have incorporated into their work and can be structural or a special feature. When combined with knotted lengths of pandanus going in the opposite direction these plaits can give the impression of the entrapping web of a spider.

Physical Description

Canoe basket, coiled, with dyed pandanus (brown, purple and green) and undyed pandanus with plait in the centre of the base. It has a single coiled rigid handle that emerges from the last coil bundle on the rim.

Local Name

dedjkuyeng gunbunj


Miriam Nganjmirra produced loosely coiled twined baskets, sometimes with additions of plaited pandanus. She practiced basket making until her death in 2004.

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