This basket by Leanne Guymala has been coiled and demonstrates openwork zig-zag sections, which are made of dyed and undyed pandanus. Openwork patterns are defined by the space between coils and are called baladjdji milengarrhngarr. This openwork style is characteristic of those made to sell to missionaries.

Leanne Guymala is one of four sisters, all daughters of the artist Spider Namirrki and all well established fibre artists. Leanne's mother was Molly Naborhlborhl. She makes a variety of coiled forms and experiments with combinations of techniques.

Physical Description

Basket, coiled, with openwork zig-zag sections made of dyed (pink and orange) pandanus and undyed pandanus. It has a single long rigid coiled handle that emerges from the last two coil bundles on one side and a single coil bundle on the other side of the rim.

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