This canoe basket has been coiled and is made with dyed pandanus. The majority of the colours in this canoe basket are dry seaon colours, however there is a small use of the pink, the dye for which is found in the wet season. The way the women work with the natural dyes in the Gunbalunya area is one of the distinguishing factors that separates their work from others in Arhnem land.

Physical Description

Canoe basket, coiled, made with dyed pandanus (yellow, purple, brown) with two bands of open stitching of dyed pandanus of a purple colour. The single coiled handle is attached in the middle of the basket on opposite sides.

Local Name



The late Daisy GorodjGorodj was an old lady who often made canoe style baskets in a combination of open and closed coiling. Fibre works made by Daisy in earlier decades are to be found in the collections of Museum Victoria.

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