Single flat tin glove pattern, removed from a bundle of iron glove cutters and paper and tin patterns. It is one of a number of glove patterns and cutters used at Simpson's Gloves Pty Ltd, Richmond. The heavy cutters date from the 1950s-1960s.

Simpson's Gloves Pty Ltd was formed in 1924 and produced leather gloves and coats, handbags, helmets and associated leather goods. The company first operated in Smith Street, and subsequently Alexandra Parade, Collingwood, relocating to Victoria Street, Richmond in 1928, where it remained until 1988.

Physical Description

Flat tin glove pattern. The pattern is not symmetrical. The left hand side of the pattern consists of two rounded sections at the top, with an inverted "t" shaped cutaway in the centre, a square left hand corner, and a rounded thumb shape in the bottom right hand quadrant. The right hand side of the pattern consists of a a four fingered hand shape, square at the bottom. There is text on the front left, and two numbers stamped on the front right. There are handwritten sums in pencil on the front and back of the pattern. The pattern is punched with a single round hole on the bottom right hand corner.

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