Black and white glass negative of Gipsy Moth A7-55 & Ellsworth & Hollick-Kenyon, Ellsworth Relief Expedition, Antarctica,

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Negative made from a copy of two photographs. The top photograph is of the RAAF DH 60X Gipsy Moth A7-55 seaplane taking off. Eric Douglas' caption 'Solo Reconnaissance Flight in open water in the Ross Sea - January, 1936. Flight Lieutenant Eric Douglas - Care has to be taken to avoid contact with brash ice during take off'. Eric Douglas' log of 12th January, 1936 'At about 8.30AM this morning we entered a pool of fairly clear water which seemed to me to have possibilities in regard to a reconnaissance flight. So the Skipper was in agreement we got the moth ready. At about 10.30AM I was lowered over the side and after a bit of manoeuvring I took off solo and climbed to 1100 feet (I could not go higher owing to clouds) and noticed that to the south (true) it appeared to offer the best path for the ship. About 30 to 35 miles away appeared to be clear water. I then alighted and was safely hoisted on board again'. Photograph taken during the Ellsworth Relief Expedition, 1935-1936. The bottom photograph is of Lincoln Ellsworth at the left and Herbert Hollick-Kenyon right, on deck of the Discovery II in the Bay of Whales, Ross Sea. Photographs taken during the Ellsworth Relief Expedition, 1935-1936.

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Glass plate with negative image printed on surface

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