Black and white glass negative of the ship Wyatt Earp & RAAF Party, Hill & Ellsworth. Ellsworth Relief Expedition, Antarctica.

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Description of Content

Negative made from a copy of two photographs. The top photograph is of Lincoln Ellsworth's ship 'Wyatt Earp'. Whales are blowing near the Wyatt Earp which is at the icy shoreline. The Discovery II can be seen in the distance. The photograph below is a group photo of the RAAF Party on board the ship Discovery II on the return journey to Melbourne. Lincoln Ellsworth is in the middle of the front row. Lieutenant Leonard C Hill, the Captain of the Discovery II is on Ellsworth's right and Flight Lieutenant Eric Douglas leader of the RAAF contingent is on Ellsworth's left side. The other six men are members of the RAAF party of seven. Photographs taken during the Ellsworth Relief Expedition, 1935-1936.

Physical Description

Glass plate with negative image printed on surface

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