Black and white glass negative of the Gipsy Moth A7-55 seaplane and the ships Discovery II and Wyatt Earp during the Ellsworth Relief Expedition, Antarctica.

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Negative made from a copy of two photographs. The top photograph is of de Havilland DH 60X Gipsy Moth seaplane A7-55 on the lifting hook on the Discovery II. Flight Lieutenant Eric Douglas is in the cockpit. There was pack ice around the ship. This was the 1st Reconnaissance flight from the Discovery II after entering the Ross Sea and it took place in January, 1936. The photograph below is The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) flag in the foreground and the ship Wyatt Earp in the distance. This was at the time of the meeting up of the Discovery II and the Wyatt Earp in the Bay of Whales, Ross Sea. It was on 20th January, 1936. Photographs taken during the Ellsworth Relief Expedition, 1935-1936.

Physical Description

Glass plate with negative image printed on surface

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