Other Names(s): Passenger Ticket, Ticket of Passage

Ticket of passage issued to Iraklis and Anthoula Mangos, for the RHMS Patris from Greece to Australia, 1964. Iraklis Mangos migrated from Piraeus Greece to Melbourne, arriving on the RHMS Patris in March 1964. During the voyage he met fellow Greek migrant Fani Nitsou. In 1967 he met Fani again they fell in love and in 1968 they married at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Richmond. They visited Greece in 1977 and have never regretted their move to Australia.

Physical Description

Blue cover ticket with ticket inside attached at left of cover, centrally folded. White printed text on cover in Greek and English 'Greek Australian Line' and in blue 'Passage Ticket' with flag logo at centre. Inside ticket records in blue and black typed print departure and destination ports, ship name, passenger names fare costs, departure date and is stamped 'Embarked'.


The Mangos family collection explores the migration experiences of two Greek people who arrived during the high point of Greek migration to Australia after World War II. The Australian Greek population doubled to 140,000 between 1961 and 1966. Their meeting on the ship and subsequent marriage is a classic migration narrative, as is the theme of chain migration which runs across three generations. It also enables the telling of the pre-migration experiences which partly resulted in the family relocation.

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