Lantern slide of the Gipsy Moth seaplane, aboard the ship Discovery, Antarctica.

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Description of Content

Flight Lieutenant Eric Douglas standing on the RAAF de Havilland DH60X Gipsy Moth seaplane. This was at the end of the Reconnaissance flight of 13th January, 1936. Eric Douglas' log reads: 'We climbed to about 1100 feet (could not go higher owing to clouds) and flew south for several miles. We sketched the general lay out and observed open water about 28 miles south. Heavy unbroken floes to the east. The ship was slowly steaming but with the wind on the wrong side for us to come on board, so I flew low and indicated to the Skipper to turn the ship about. This he did and then I alighted close by and tried to come on board, but the ship still had way on, so I put Al (Alister Murdoch) off into the motor boat and then took off solo to try and alight in a better position. This I did and without much trouble was hoisted on board'. Photograph taken during the Ellsworth Relief Expedition, 1935-1936.

Physical Description

Standard format lantern slide, consisting of two glass sheets each 3.25 x 3.25 ins (83 x 83mm), one pane bearing a positive transparent image and the other pane protecting the image. Sealed with paper binding strips around the four edges of the lantern slide and internally framed with a black cut-out window mask.

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