Resolution and Adventure medal, in platina (gilt), by John Westwood for Matthew Boulton and Sir Joseph Banks, issued 1772.

Sir Joseph Banks for the British Admiralty commissioned the Resolution and Adventure medal, to be used on Cook's second voyage (1772-1775) as an item for presentation or barter with the local peoples. Matthew Boulton's firm struck 2,000 medals in platina for this purpose, and also 142 in silver and 2 in gold, for Banks to distribute to officials and nobility in Britain. Many of the platina medals were used for presentation through the Pacific as barter, but others were distributed to sailors on the voyage, and some remained for use on Cook's 3rd voyage.

The medal is called the Resolution and Adventure medal because it depicts the two ships used on Cook's second voyage.

Obverse Description

Laureate bust of George III. Around: GEORGE III. KING OF GR BRITAIN FRANCE AND IRELAND ETC. In truncation , BF [Boulton & Fothergill].

Reverse Description

Two three-masted sailing ships in heavy seas. Raised text above the names of the ships reads; 'RESOLUTION ADVENTURE'. Text in exergue reads; 'SAILED . FROM . ENGLAND / MARCH . MDCCLXXII'.

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