Metal tambourine printed with colour image depicting the flags of the World War I allied (Entente Powers) forces: Australia, Belgium, Japan, the United States, France and Great Britain. The inclusion of the United States suggests a date no earlier than 1917, when it joined the war effort; and the exclusion of Russia and prominance of Japan suggest a date later in the war, when allegiances had shifted.

The tambourine was acquired without provenance. It may have been used as a fund-raiser, and/or to engage children in the war experience.

Physical Description

Metal tambourine printed with colour image depicting allied forces flags, a red sash and crest, in red, blue, black, yellow and cream. There are visible scratches to the printed layer. The tambourine band contains three zils (metal jingles) with crimped edges. The zils and band are painted gold. Much of the gold paint has worn off.The interior surface is rusted.


Further research is required to establish the context of the tambourine's manufacture.

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