Alternative Name: Medal Set.

Melbournese Coin Press coin set in glass platter, made by artist Anna Charlesworth. The thirty coins were struck and designed by the 28 members of the Melbournese Coin Press (also known as Melbournese Jewellers Collective or Association) in 1996.

The platter, set with 30 pure silver coins, was made to accompany a press release promoting the first of the Melbournese Coin Press's coin series. The group designed, struck and exhibited a series of coins annually from 1996-2001.

The coin designs produced by the jewellers for the Melbournese Coin Press's first striking and exhibition were: 'Mystic' by Robyn Allan; 'On the Nail' by Jacqui Archer; 'Horus' by Glen Bakker; 'Holey' by Ina Barry; 'Hand to Mouth' by Roseanne Bartley; 'The Cord Was Cut Long Ago' by Vito Billa; 'Hive' by Justin Boehme; 'Profound Happiness' by Julie Carter; 'Coneman of the Burbarians' by Marcos Davidson; 'Ice Block' by Anne Davern; 'Octopuss' by Peter Eccles; 'Nomen Nua IVMM' by Sean Fitzgerald; 'Loud Dog' by Will Francis; 'Noncents' by Caz Guiney; 'Time is Currency' by Jude Huntley; 'Scream Head' by Nicky Hepburn; 'Seventh Wave' by Benjamin Hilliard; 'Jellygerm' by Zinya Langsford; 'Untitled' by Ali Limb; 'Idolum' by Tony Mardling; 'Anti-Gravity' by Karl Millard; 'Soul' by Siri Omberg; 'Pressing Issues' by Jason Patterson; 'Vignettes' by Dan Scurry; 'I Don't Mean Rhinestones' by Deborah Sullivan; 'Embrace' by Lynley Traeger; 'Spring' by John Vecchio; and 'Anima' by Stephen Woodroffe-Hill.

Physical Description

Cast glass plate with shallow depressed inscriptions and roundels with coins inset into roundels near rim and adhered into place on the reverse of each coin.

Obverse Description

At centre jewellers tools crossed, in angles, 1996; around, * MELBOURNESE * JEWELLERS.

Reverse Description

28 different designs.

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