A centenary exhibition was held in October 1980 to mark the centenary of the (Royal) Exhibition Building. The exhibition was opened by Princess Alexandra on 1st October 1980; it was at this time that the building was bestowed Royal title. The 1980 International Centenary Exhibition contained extensive exhibits from Britain, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal Republic of China, etc. At the Exhibition, the Royal Exhibition Trustees were presented with the Goldsmiths Sothebys Award (the first to presented outside of the UK) for 'service and encouragement of arts in the industrial and commercial world over the past 100 years'. An art competition was held during the Centenary Exhibition. This entry form was filled in by Vanessa Kelly for her artwork 'Function Follows Form'.

Physical Description

Rectangular sheet of yellowed paper with printed and handwritten text. Remnants of yellowed adhesive tape at two ends. Holes and tears. Two holes and an unfaded section that had been covered by one of the hanging hinges on the frame of the artwork.

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