Poster advertising the clearing sale of surplus stock and plant of Cobb & Co., from their Hamilton, Ballarat, Warnambool, and Western District Branches. The sale items included 40 horses, several vehicles (omnibusses, wagonettes, Phaetons, coaches, buggies, gig, cart, brougham, wagons), harnesses and various sundry items associated with the business. The auction was held on Moorabool St, Geelong at 11 o'clock on Friday 18th December, 1908 and was conducted by Burns and Sparrow, and Neil Campbell & Co.

The Victorian operations of the well known 'Cobb & Co' coaching enterprise, had its origins during the Victorian goldrushes of the 1850s and reached its peak during the later decades of the 19th century when a loosely associated group of transport operators working under the original 'Cobb & Co' name were providing a vast network of passenger and mail coach services extending over thousands of miles throughout the eastern mainland states of Australia. By 1870, Cobb & Co coach owners were harnessing some 6,000 horses a day and covering 28,000 miles of road weekly conveying passengers, mail, gold & general parcels to and from country towns in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The rise in rail and automobile transport for both passenger and freight services saw the demise of the horsedawn vehicle and by 1916 remining all horsedrawn mail coach services in Victoria had been withdrawn.

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Black printed text on orange or red paper. Paper is creased as a result of folding and is torn at edges and at some folds.

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    Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 18 Dec 1908

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    Cobb & Co. (A.N. Vines Proprietor), Moorabool Street, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, Dec 1908

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    Printed: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 1908 / Commencing at Eleven o'clock, at COBB & CO.'S STABLES, / MOORABOOL ST. GEELONG / Extensive CLEARING Unresreved [sic] SALE / SURPLUS SYOCK & PLANT / OF THE / Old-established Coaching Firm of Cobb & Co. / By order of A.N. Vines, Esq. (Cobb & Co.) and the Ballarat Trustees, Executors & Agency Co. Ltd. / Burns and Sparrow / and / Neil Campbell & Co. / Auctioneers In conjunction / Have been favoured with instructions to Sell by Public Auction at Eleven o'Clock, as above, the / Whole of the SURPLUS STOCK of COBB & CO. / COMPRISING / 40 HORSES / Also the following Large Assortment of / VEHICLES: / Omnibusses, 7 Wagonettes (6 to 14 Passengers), 2 Phaetons, 4 Coaches (8to 12 Passengers), 4 Coach Under-Carriages (suitable for Wood Wagons to 3 tons, / 9 Single and Double Seated, Open and Hooded, Abbott and Piano Box Buggies, Brake, 10-Passenger Drag, Rack Coach, Gig, Spring Cart, Cab, Brougham, Hooded / Wagon, Farmer's Wagon (8 Passenger), &c. &c. / HARNESS: / 10 Double Sets Coach Harness, 35 Collars, Side Saddles and Bridles, 10 Sets Winkers, 20 Pairs Buggy and Coach Traces, Horse Couplings, Breast Plates, 6 Pairs / Back Pads, Bits, Girths, Cruppers, Kicking Straps, Martingales, Cradles, 7 Sets Single Buggy Harness, Set 4-Horse Drag Harrows, 7 Sides Coach Harness, / 4 Saddles and Bridles, Winkers, Pole Straps, 30 Snaffle and Other Bits, &c., &c., Horse Clothing, &c. / SUNDRIES: / Coach Boards, Splash Boards, Notice Boards, Curled Hair and Leather Seats, Lamp Plates and Reflectors, Rubber Bumpers, 20 Cushions, Wheels, 12 Buggy and / 6 Stretchers, Buggy Covers, &c., Office Furniture, &c., &c., Iron Safe (Fire Proof) 5 x 4 feet, &c., and a Large Quantity of Other Articles. / The above comprises the Surplus Stock and Plant of COBB & CO. From their Hamilton, Ballarat, Warrnambool and Western District Branches, and will be sold to the highest bidder in order to / wind up the Partnership. CATALOGUES ON APPLICATION. / INSPECTION FROM TUESDAY, 15th DECEMBER TO DAY OF SALE. / J. C. Brownhill, Printer, Ryrie St. and at Marshall St.

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