Lantern slide of the ship Discovery, Antarctica.

One of 328 images in various formats including artworks, photographs, glass negatives and lantern slides.

Description of Content

Split slide. The top image shows the bow of the Discovery with Proclamation Island in the distance. The image below provides a view of brash ice ahead. Eric Douglas has said 'Top - The Discovery closing in on Proclamation Rock. This Rock is a small island just off the coast and is 600 feet above sea level and Below - Brash Ice held in by the ocean swell. The outline of the Antarctic Coast can be seen straight ahead'. Although this land feature became 'Proclamation Island' it had just been discovered and at this early stage to call it Proclamation Rock was quite acceptable. The Antarctic coast ahead was part of Enderby Land. Photographs taken during the British Australian New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE), Voyage 1.

Physical Description

Two panoramic, black and white photographic transparencies, printed on a glass plate. The images are protected with a cover glass of the same size. Paper is inserted in between the two pieces of glass and the whole slide is bound together with black paper tape.

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