Lantern slide of two images: [top] Entrance to Royal Sound and [bottom] Jeanne D'Arc, old whaling station, both on Kerguelen Island, sub- Antarctica.

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Description of Content

Split slide. The top picture is of a coastal landscape at Royal Sound, Kerguelen and image below shows a whaling station in the Port of Jeanne d'Arc. Eric Douglas said for the top one 'Entrance to Royal Sound, Kerguelen Island and the bottom one ' Jeanne d'Arc - old Whaling station built in 1908'. About Kerguelen by Eric Douglas 'Eventually arrived off Royal Sound on 12th November, 1929. We steamed 20 miles up a winding fiord to the old Whaling station of Jeanne d'Arc. Coal was left here by a ship going south. Cardiff briquettes 500 tons. This island belongs to France. It is controlled by Governor of Madagascar. Size 80 miles by 40 miles. Wonderfully pretty, with inland lakes and glaciers. The mainland is overrun with rabbits, seals scarce, penguins on islands'. Photographs taken during the British Australian New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE), Voyage 1.

Physical Description

Two panormamic, black and white photographic transparencies, printed on a glass plate. The images are protected with a cover glass of the same size. Paper is inserted in between the two pieces of glass and the whole slide is bound together with black paper tape.

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