Lantern slide depicting soldiers, some on camels, in a sandstorm. The place and date depicted are unknown. It may depict a Holy War. The image is almost the same as MM 112671.

Part of a collection of 126 slides previously located together in a wooden box. The collection contains photographic, printed and hand painted slides depicting landscapes, buildings, scientific drawings, animals and religious stories.

Description of Content

Group of men in the desert with two camels and a horse during a sandstorm. The men wear long robes - one blue, one striped orange, another pink - and keffiyeh (flowing headdresses). A man in the foreground holds a rifle; another rifle lies on a camel prone in the foreground.

Physical Description

Single lantern slide, comprising circular hand-coloured print on glass, with black mask, mounted in rectangular wooden frame. The glass plate is mounted in the wood frame with a metal ring.

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