Laminated membership card, issued to Mrs Gizella Kiss, for the World Federation of Hungarians (Australia branch) in 1995. The World Federation of Hungarians is the world's largest Hungarian civil organization; they are active today both in Hungary and in diaspora communities. First established in 1939 and reactivated under its present form in 1957 it seeks to preserve and develop the Hungarian language and culture among Hungarians across the world.

The reference to 1956 on the front of the card, relates to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution a nationwide revolt which lasted from 23 October until 10 November 1956. The revolution saw thousands revolt against the government of the People's Republic of Hungary and its Soviet-imposed policies. Initially a success the revolution saw a new Government established which aimed to distance itself from the Soviet Union and implement a policy of neutrality. The Soviets first accepted the new Hungarian Government, then quickly reversed their decision and sent in troops to install a government which would support the alliance of Hungary with the Soviet Union. Following the revolution thousands of Hungarians fled Hungary fearing execution, arrest or deportation to the Soviet Union by the new Government.

Physical Description

A laminated white card with printed Hungarian text in black. Typewritten text (English & Hungarian), name, residence, birthplace and birth year, occupation and membership number. Hungarian flag, shield and olive wreath on one side with quote (in Hungarian) from Hungarian poet, Arany Janos.

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