Bronze Cross cloth badge produced by the Royal Life Saving Society.

This badge belonged to a couple who were closely involved in sport during their lives, including life saving, swimming, diving, bicycle racing and golf. They were one-time neighbours of the donor.

The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) was established in England in 1891 to reduce the high level of drownings. Many countries adopted the Society's lifesaving strategies and training, and the RLSS now represents the 'largest single organisation dedicated to the teaching of lifesaving and the prevention of drowning.'

The first Australian Branch was formed in New South Wales in 1894 and the movement soon spread to all States. In December 1924, a dual system of lifesaving was established with Surf Life Saving Australia being responsible for ocean beaches and the Royal Life Saving Society - Australia responsible for all other waterways and stillwater environments. In the immediate pre and post World War II period many secondary school programs included lifesaving training, under the instructions of the RLSS.

Physical Description

Blue square cloth badge with white and orange stitching. Features logo with a life buoy (life ring) and crossed boat hook and oar.

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