Glazed ceramic mug given to all participants at the 2009 Warragul Women on Farms Gathering.

The mug is a very practical recurring ritual of the Gatherings, whereby each participant is given a mug and must then use it for all catering events over the weekend, thus eliminating the need to hire extra crockery and someone to wash-up. It is also a souvenir to take home, reminding the participant of the Gathering weekend.

Physical Description

Blue glazed mug with gold stamped words and windmill logo.


The 20th anniversary Women on Farms Gathering was held at Warragul, the location of the first and 10th gatherings. The theme was 'Celebrate Women Farming' and 'Water Our Future', with a windmill as the logo. The 20th gathering covered a range of topics and subjects including: sustainable farming families, permaculture, chain saw know-how and maintenance, water management trends in Victoria, self care, tai chi, yoga, folk art and patchwork. It represented both the interest in contemporary agricultural issues and the need to provide opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation for rural women. The souvenirs provided to all participants were in the tradition of previous gatherings and offered practical benefits to the recipients.

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