Bill Putt lived in Strathewen and is best known as one of the founding members of Australian progressive rock band Spectrum. In 2007 he composed a piece of music as a birthday gift for his partner, Rosemary McKimmie Young. After the Black Saturday bushfires of February 2009, during which Bill successfully defended their home 'Rosewood', he put together a montage of photos showing the house and its surrounds before and after Black Saturday. The birthday music was re-interpreted to become a love song for Rosewood, and a lament for all that was lost.

Description of Content

Stills of the creator's home in Strathewen taken before and after the bushfires of February 2009, accompanied by original soundtrack recording with two guitars.

Physical Description

DVD in plastic case with clear cover and purple back.


This video is more than a before-and-after record of the effect of the Black Saturday bushfires on one property. It is also a creative effort to record, through images and music, the emotional impact of the bushfires on those who lived through them.

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