Audio and video interview with Kelvin and Jill Goonan by Liza Dale-Hallett on their beef farm at Mudgegonga, North East Victoria, on 13 May 2010.

This interview forms part of the Victorian Bushfires Collection which includes fire damaged irrigation connector from the Goonan property, and silt collected from the Goonan's dam, which was destroyed by run-off after the fires.

Description of Content

This interview covers the purchase of this hobby farm by Kelvin 1959, the transition from dairy to beef cattle, water supply on the farm, impact of the drought on the farm, previous experience of fire during 2003. Kelvin and Jill describe their experience in successfully defending their home during the Black Saturday bushfire, the impact of the fire on their property and the damage caused by run-off from heavy rain following the February 2009 bushfires, the generosity of volunteers following the bushfire and what they have learnt as a result of the fire.

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Kelvin and Jill expressed the concern of many retirees who have been affected by the bushfires: they have spent the last 50 years developing this "hobby" farm - they don't have another 50 years to rebuild it.

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