Audio and video interview with Debbie & Darren Bradshaw and Doug McKinnon by Liza Dale-Hallett conducted at Debbie and Darren's temporary home in Strathewen, on 6 August 2010. Debbie and Darren Bradshaw lost their home in Strathewen on Black Saturday 2009, Debbie's father Doug McKinnon had just completed building the decking on their newly renovated home.

This is the second of two interviews with Debbie Bradshaw and Doug McKinnon, that forms part of the Victorian Bushfires Collection which includes a photograph taken by Doug McKinnon on Black Saturday.

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This interview describes the nature of the Bradshaw's 1.5 hectare (3.5 acre) property in Strathewen, the return to their destroyed home and the many strange discoveries of fire damaged items ("some of the things you cried over, some things you laughed"), their move back onto their property and living in a caravan and site office shed ("we were living like we were living in the 1920s"), the construction of a 'Quaker's Barn' as a more comfortable temporary home, the challenges of rebuilding, the loss of things that have memory and personal meaning, insurance, the reestablishment of the Strathewen Primary School just days following the fire. Darren also discusses his role on the Strathewen Reconstruction Committee, and the various other local committees, the challenges of new building regulations ("we just finished renovating, we had what we wanted and now we can't have it"). Debbie and Darren talk about their fire plan. The interview also includes reflections on the Royal Commission and the importance of collecting stories and sharing the positive stories that have emerged from the horrors of bushfire.

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In this interview Debbie Bradshaw and Doug McKinnon describe the strange and challenging experience of discovering distorted fragments of their possessions on their return to Debbie's burnout home, the decision to return and live in temporary accommodation on their land, and the rebuilding of the Strathewen community following the Black Saturday bushfires.

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