First Day Cover for 4 Pence (4d) 75th Anniversary of Broken Hill, New South Wales, and Silver City Festival.

Physical Description

Cream-coloured envelope. On the left half of envelope, printed Silver City Festival, BROKEN HILL. Next to that, a depiction of a mine entrance. Under that, some Sturt Desert Peas and printed, 75 th ANNIVERSARY 1883-1958, OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER, 10TH SEPTEMBER, 1958. Postmarked BROKEN HILL NSW AUSTRALIA. 10 SE 1958. In the middle of the envelope, near the top, there is a circular stamped imprint with OFFICIAL SOUVENIR COVER Issued by SILVER CITY FESTIVAL COMMITTEE, with signature W. Riddiford and printed Mayor of Broken Hill President. On the centre bottom, a label with L.L. GRIFFITHS, BOX 7, BROKEN HILL, N.S.W. AUSTRALIA. 4 d. stamp commemorating of the 75th Anniversary of the pegging of the first lease on the Broken Hill lode; stamp also depicts Aboriginal rock art on left side and mine buildings.

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