First Day Cover for 3 1/2 Pence (3 1/2d) and 2 Shillings (2'.) 150th Anniversary of Settlement in Tasmania. In 1803, Lieutenant Governor David Collins attempted to establish a settlement in Port Phillip Bay, near the current site of Sorrento, Victoria. The settlement was unsuccessful; Collins established a settlement at Sullivan's Cove in 1804. European settlement in Tasmania began when a penal colony was established at Risdon in 1803.

Physical Description

Cream-coloured envelope. On the left half of envelope, printed FIRST DAY COVER. Below that, a map of Tasmania and depictions of Lt. Governor David Collins and Lt. Governor William Paterson emerging respectively from the Northwestern and Northeastern corners. Beneath that, a depiction of Sullivan's Cove, Hobart at the middle of the map. Beneath map, 1803 SESQUI-CENTENARY 1953 and 23rd September, 1953. Stamps 3 1/2 d, one depicting Collins and one depicting Paterson, and 2 Shilling 150th Anniversary of Settlement in Tasmania, depicting Sullivan's Cove. Postmarked three times with LONSDALE ST CI VIC AUST. 23 SE 1953, and once with MELBOURNE VIC.

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