Stamped envelope, with 5 Pence (5d) stamp of 50th Anniversary of the First Air Mail Service in 1914.The Stamp Show, 1st and 2nd 1964 commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the Coolgardie Cycle Express Service, Western Australia. It was commemorated by a Cycle Express Service between Palais Grande, Rockdale and Rockdale Post Office, New South Wales.

Physical Description

Cream-coloured envelope. On the left half of envelope, printed CYCLE EXPRESS SERVICE. Underneath that, THE STAMP SHOW 1964 August 1st and 2nd. Cycle Express Messenger Service between Palais Grande, Rockdale, and Rockdale Post Office to commemorate the 70th ANNIVERSARY of the Coolgardie Express Service- with facsimiles of the original Express Service Cinderella stamps of 1894. Postmarked ROCKDALE, N.S.W. AUST. 4:15PM 1 AUG 1964 and THE STAMP SHOW 1964, GRAND PALAIS, 1ST. AND 2ND. AUG 1964. The 5 d stamp depicts a Bleriot monoplane.

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