First day cover, for 2 1/2 Pence (2 1/2d), 3 1/2 Pence (3 1/2d) and 5 1/2 Pence (5 1/2d) 150th Anniversary, City of Newcastle. Issued 8 September, 1947. Postmarked CAMBERWELL., VIC, AUST.

Physical Description

Cream-coloured envelope. On the upper left of envelope, printed First Day Cover. Underneath that, enlarged image of 3 1/2 d Newcastle stamp, with depiction of smelting bucket and worker, upon which is printed ISSUED 8th SEPTEMBER 1947, STEEL, 1797 NEWCASTLE 1947. Underneath that, printed: In Commemoration of NEWCASTLE 150th ANNIVERSARY. Twice postmarked CAMBERWELL., VIC, AUST. 8SE47.

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