One of 139 photographs in an album from World War I likely to have been taken by Captain Edward Albert McKenna. The photographs include the 7th Battalion training in Mena Camp, Egypt, and sight-seeing.

Image depicting the view of the Suez Canal from Ismalia, Egypt. According to its war diaries, the 7th Battalion received orders to move to Ismalia on the 2nd of February 1915.

Description of Content

Image taken from a raised position, looking down at a body of water. In the foreground there is a bank which slopes down gently to the water, a group of figures seem to be approaching the water down this slope. Along the water's edge is what appears to be a barrier of sandbags. Behind the sandbags, in the water, is a jetty upon which about half a dozen figures can be seen. To the right of this jetty, also in the water, is another structure of some kind. Towards the background of the photograph is the other bank of the waterway with a ship in front. Up on the higher ground of this second bank is a collection of tents. In the distance, towards to the top right of the photograph and almost disappearing out of frame, appears to be other structures and another ship.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin photographic print.

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