Illustrated passenger list for the Orient Line of Royal Mail Steamers passenger service on the RMS Orient between Australia and England, departing Sydney 14th March, Melbourne 21st March and Adelaide 25th March, 1891. The list was issued by the Managers of the Orient Line, F. Green & Co., and Anderson, Anderson & Co. The document contains a list of 165 passengers and an undisclosed number of children in two families (probably First Class only, although this is not stated). The name of the ship's Captain for the voyage, Captain H.G. Darby, is also listed. The front cover is elaborately illustrated.

Built by John Elder & Co., Glasgow, in 1879. the 5,386 ton 'Orient' was the world's largest and fastest passenger ship when introduced and set a new standard for passenger travel to Australia, helping its owners, the Orient Steam Navigation Company, win a share of the lucrative and prestigious Royal Mail contract between Britain and Australia. Amongst the new features introduced on the 'Orient' were an all-round promenade deck, electric lighting, mechanical ventilation and refrigerated cargo holds and provision stores. During the Boer War, the 'Orient' served as a troopship, later returning to regular passenger service between London and Australia, via the Suez Canal, until retired in 1909.

Physical Description

Folded single-sheet publication printed in dark blue/black ink on off-white stock. On the front cover is an engraved vignette incorporating three illustrations. In the centre the main picture depicts the company's flagship the Royal Mail Steamer 'Orient' under steam at full speed racing through a chopping swell, probably intended to be in the English Channel. To the left of the steamship is a small sailing cutter heeling well over in a strong cross wind, while in the background are several larger square-rigged sailing vessels. On the horizon is a tall tapered lighthouse - probably intended to be the Eddystone Lighthouse off Plymouth on the southern English coastline. On the left is a scene inscribed 'London' which shows a paddlesteamer and small sailing boats on the River Thames with the dome of St Pauls Cathedral and Nelson's Column in the background behind perhaps the Houses of Parliament. On the right is a scene inscribed 'Sydney' which shows a horse-drawn vehicle and pedestrians in front of the Sydney Town Hall. Inside on the left-hand page is a List of Passengers. The right-hand inside page provides a list of Ports of Call on the England-Australia route, a list of the vessels in the compant's fleet and a list of booking agents and representatives throughout Australia and New Zeland.

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