Audio and video interview with Bernard Noonan by Liza Dale-Hallett at the DPI Offices, Horsham on 23 July 2009. Bernard Noonan is employed by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) as a Soils Health Manager. On Black Saturday 7 February 2009 he led the Noradjuha CFA brigade as the Captain, and on his return to work was an emergency response officer for DPI.

This interview is part of the Victorian Bushfires Collection.

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In this interview Bernard describes his role as a Soils Health manager, the changes he has observed since he moved into the Wimmera in 1975, the establishment of the Wimmera Conservation Farming Association in 1985, the crash of the wool market in the 1980s and the move towards cropping, climate change, the impact of reduced rainfall, the changes in farm production and the move towards larger properties, the subsequent decline in the farming population, his role on Black Saturday as a local CFA member and his role as an emergency response officer for DPI, and his research into the impact of the bushfire on soils.


In this interview Bernard Noonan reflects on the changes in climate and agricultural production in the Wimmera, both from his perspective as a long term land owner, and as a soils manager for the Department of Primary Industries. This offers important background to understanding the impact of the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.

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