Booklet titled 'Living With Fire' published by the Sunday Herald Sun in 2008. It outlines general information about dealing with bushfires, and lists contact details for assistance in an emergency including those for state government and local emergency authorities.

Physical Description

Colour booklet.


As a lynchpin in the major public education campaign for surviving bushfires, this publication demonstrates how Black Saturday was beyond anything experienced in Australia prior to February 2009. Our perception of what bushfire risks were was limited to our past experience, in hindsight some of the practices that were encouraged by publications such as this were completely outstripped by the events of Feb 2009. Families and communities following the steps outlined could have led to those living in bushland settings feeling that they would be able to deal with any fire situation, but as the ferocity and unpredictable nature of the fires on Black Saturday demonstrated this was not so. The planning and resources required to fight such fires was expected to be always available but the February 2009 fires were beyond imagining and therefore impossible to plan and prepare for as rigorously as hindsight would say was required.

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