Book titled 'Living In The Bush - Bushfires Survival Plan Workbook', published by the CFA in 2004 and collected after the February 2009 bushfires. It outlines specific information about dealing with fire when living in bushland areas of Victoria. It is written in a clear concise and non-alarmist manner, and recommends planning principles that could be applied to personal, family, and property safety during times of high fire danger in the Victorian bush. The book documents best practice in community safety education and emergency response known by fire agencies in the time prior to Black Saturday. A listing of agencies who can assist in times of fire is included, as is key sources of fire information such as radio, website, and the Bushfire Information Line.

Physical Description

Book, colour and graphic images throughout.


The bushfires of February 2009 have changed forever the way in which we think of fire risk. This collection of public education material still available after Black Saturday shows how difficult it is for authorities to keep pace with creating appropriate, current and relevant publications. The inclusion of both flood and fire information for the same region also illustrates the challenges faced by local government and other authorities when dealing with increasing extremes of climate.

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