First Day Cover, produced in 1956 as a souvenir of the Olympics held in Melbourne, Australia. The stamped, addressed and franked envelope is sealed but empty. It was posted to the donor's mother's sister by another family member. It is addressed to Erna Fetter.

The XVIth Olympiad (the Olympic Games) hosted by Melbourne in 1956, is considered a watershed event in the city's history; it was instrumental in helping create the 'modern' and 'international' city of today. A variety of souvenirs was produced for the games; handkerchiefs, tea towels, scarves, playing cards, swap cards, crockery, ashtrays, etc. These souvenirs drew upon Olympic imagery: the Olympic torch (frequently positioned over the map of Victoria), the Olympic rings, the flags of participating nations, etc.

These First Day covers were posted by a family member to the donor's mother's father and sister as keepsakes of what was an important civic event. Though neither of the donor's parents attended any of the sporting events, they were caught up in the excitement of having the games in Melbourne.

Physical Description

Cream envelope with an image of an athlete holding the Olympic torch above a sporting stadium in the bottom left corner. The four stamps affixed to the envelope are all special Olympic issues. The envelope has a handwritten address on the obverse, and is franked.

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