On 17 June 2010, the Community & Public Sector Union (CPSU) celebrated its 125th birthday. This badge was struck to commemorate the occasion. Made by West Australian company M&L Australia Pty Ltd, the badge was offered to all CPSU members; they simply had to send a request via email with 'Happy Birthday' in the subject line.

The Victorian Public Service Association (forerunner to the CPSU) was formed in 1885, following a general meeting of members at the Athenaeum on Collins Street, Melbourne, on 17 June. The VPSA already boasted a membership of 1900 public service employees at this time; 1000 of them attended the first general meeting.

Physical Description

Gilded metal and enamelled badge in the shape of the Athenaeum, Melbourne.


The CPSU has been protecting the rights of government employees in Victoria since 1885. Over its 125 year history it has fought for equal pay for equal work, paid sick leave and annual leave, a five day working week, and paid maternity leave. When these conditions were threatened (by the state Liberal government of Jeff Kennet, 1993-1999) the union continued to fight for its employees' rights.

As the first general meeting of the union was held at the Athenaeum, the union opted to celebrate its 125th birthday with an unveiling of a plaque at the Athenaeum on 17 June. For its individual members, it commissioned commemorative badges with an image of the Athenaeum. This was available free to all its members.

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