Official visitors' map titled 'Discover High Country Adventure', published by North East Victoria Tourism in conjunction with Tourism Victoria, circa 2008. It has extensive maps of Mansfield, Murrindindi and the surrounding alpine shires. Victoria's High Country is a vast mountain range which starts just beyond the Yarra Valley and extends to the north reaching the New South Wales border. The pamphlet includes advertising for local businesses with a focus on adventure sports and activities, a large tear-out touring map and detailed information on national parks within the region.

Physical Description

31 page soft cover pamphlet includes a cover featuring pictures of people engaged in outdoor adventure sports and activities. The interior includes a large colour fold-out map and colour photographs of local places of interest and businesses.


The pamphlet is important in capturing a place and time that existed before the Black Saturday bushfires.It represents a snapshot of the tourist services and infrastructure of Mansfield and other alpine shire municipalities. The pamphlet demonstrates the economic dependence of the community on outdoor adventure sports and activities, which were severely affected by the bushfires of February 2009.

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