Official visitors' guide for the country around Wilsons Promontory published by Tourism Victoria, circa 2008. It has an extensive motor map of the Wilsons Promontory National Park and surrounding areas. Detailed smaller location specific maps contain thorough information and include specific information on smaller towns within the region. The pamphlet includes advertising for local businesses such as accommodation, activities and calender events.

In the aftermath of the bushfires of February 2009 the Environment Minister, Gavin Jennings urged the public to visit the national park in an effort to revitalize the economy after the park had been closed to the public for 41 days during the peak summer holiday season.

Physical Description

37 page soft cover pamphlet includes a cover featuring a woman standing on a beach overlooking the sea. The interior includes a large colour fold-out map and colour photographs of local places of interest and businesses.


The pamphlet represents a snapshot of the tourist services and infrastructure which existed before the February 8th 2009 bushfires, which damaged the natural wilderness of Wilsons Promontory National Park. The pamphlet demonstrates the dependence of the community on tourism and highlights the impact of the bushfires on the local economy and community.

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