CFA pamphlet titled 'Welcome to CFA', published in October 2006 and still available after the February 2009 bushfires. It outlines general information about being a member of the CFA as well as the roles and responsibilities. The pamphlet provides an overview of what to expect as an individual when volunteering with the CFA as well as how the CFA can assist when the volunteer is under stress or duress.

Physical Description

DL brochure, colour, front cover features image of CFA officer greeting a new recruit, back cover features CFA Logo in red on a purple background.


The bushfires of February 2009 have changed forever the way in which we think of fire risk. This collection of public education material still available after Black Saturday shows how difficult it is for authorities to keep pace with creating appropriate, current and relevant publications. The inclusion of both flood and fire information for the same region also illustrates the challenges faced by local government and other authorities when dealing with increasing extremes of climate.

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