Brochure titled 'Safety From Fire, Planning Can Save Your Business', published by the CFA in October 2002. It reflects community safety education and emergency response prior to Black Saturday. The publication reflects recommendation of current and best practice when managing business operations during periods of high bushfire risk.

Physical Description

A4 brochure, three colour printing, front cover feature graphics include the word fire spelt out with burning trees superimposed on a back ground of an aerial shot of a farm and surrounding land, back cover features images of a farming family working on a fire plan, and some fire safety equipment in a shed.


Implicit in this publication is the understanding that survival of business and infrastructure in wildfires is possible if certain steps are followed. There is an expectation that help is available either through CFA, that communications networks remain in operation, and the weather or fire conditions are rated at a certain level. The context of experience was garnered from previous fires and it was noted the Australian experience of bushfires was fires were becoming more severe and in greater numbers due to changing climate conditions and prolonged drought.

The contents and fundamental premise of this document have been challenged by the experiences of Black Saturday. Documents such as these are reflective of the significant challenges faced by local government and other authorities when dealing with responses to natural disasters such as fire or flood.

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