Video titled '50th Birthday Torchlight Procession 1995', issued by the Country Fire Authority in 1995. The CFA is a volunteer-based emergency management organisation whose members are from communities which face the threat of bushfires. This official CFA video is a record of the march held on April 1st, 1995 to celebrate the 50th Birthday of the CFA. The march was attended by CFA Brigades from all over Victoria and was held in Melbourne.

Physical Description

3D white video case with a cover photo in grey, red and yellow of 8 hands each holding a candle. Cover also includes a red triangle in the top left corner with white text stating '50th Birthday Torchlight Procession 1995'. Underside of the video case reveals black text on white background.


This video represents the significant and integral role which the Country Fire Authority (CFA) has within regional communities. During the Black Saturday bushfires of February 2009 the CFA played a crucial role in fighting the fires, and many firefighters witnessed the devastation of their communities and lost loved ones. Despite the controversy which surrounded the management of the bushfires and the subsequent Royal Commission, the video is testimony to the indelible mark which bushfires and the CFA have on the psyche of regional communities.

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