Video titled 'In the Line of Fire 1945-1995, 50 years', produced for the Country Fire Authority in1995. The CFA is a volunteer-based emergency management organisation whose members are primarily from communities which face the threat of bushfires. This official CFA video documents the 50 year history of the Country Fire Authority (CFA), from its founding date 2nd April 1945 through to 1995.

Physical Description

3D white video case with a grey, red and white cover photo of a fire truck with two firefighters on a ladder. The back cover includes a small black and white photo of firefighters fighting a fire in bushland. Text on the back cover reads DEDICATED TO VICTORIA'S 80,000 VOLUNTEER & CAREER FIREFIGHTERS"


This video represents the significant and integral role which the Country Fire Authority (CFA) has within regional communities. It is a celebration of the CFA's dedicated staff of volunteer and career firefighters and is testimony to the indelible mark which bushfires and the CFA have on the psyche of regional communities.

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