Edition of Animal Aid News, published by the Victorian Animal Aid Trust, focuses in its feature article, how the events of Black Saturday and the succeeding weeks affected the operations of Animal Aid's shelter in Coldstream, Victoria. It graphically details its response to the influx of some 511 fire affected animals in diary format beginning on Saturday 7th February until 29th March 2009. Animal Aid also makes special mention in thanking local business and communities along with their staff and volunteers for their support during this challenging time. Other articles include information relating to how Animal Aid supporters can donate to their organisation.

Physical Description

A4 saddle stitched booklet with 12 pages printed in full colour throughout. Cover has full bleed image of injured Kelpie dog wearing 2 pink bandages on front paws, sitting on mauve blanket. Title text is reversed white out of image.


Animals play a vital role in people's lives and their communities and it's important not to forget that pets and livestock were threatened and injured by the events of Black Saturday. Animal Aid played a vital role through their commitment to care for these animals in their clinic and shelter. Important too, is the recognition given to the Victorian people through their donations of time, money, resources and supplies to services such as Animal Aid.

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