Flyer with the slogan 'Say NO to a Redgum National Park'. It was issued by Timber Communities Australia and demonstrates their stance on re-zoning redgum forests from state parks to national parks. The flyer highlights that changes would restrict recreational activities and also place a full ban on commercial production such as grazing, logging and beekeeping. By maintaining status as a State Forest rather than National the timber industry can continue its commercial ventures, which the Timber Communities Australia represents.

This flyer is a form of protest by the Central Murray Redgum branch in protecting state forests from being re-zoned as national parks, which has implications for the commercial and recreational interests of the group. The flyer offers an alternate argument to the preservation of forests as national parks and highlights the controversy which surrounds the issue. The visual representation of restrictions which take effect once a forest is classified as a national park draws attention to the impact re-zoning has on recreation, tourism and commercial activities.

Physical Description

A4 sized brown, green and white glossy flyer. Top title text reversing out of green gum-leaf image, bottom brown text reversing out of lake image. On reverse side a large chart with pictorial images detailing recreational activities.


The flyer is important in capturing the sentiments of timber-based industry lobby groups in the current debate of sustainable forestry practices. It demonstrates the polarity which exists in debates of forestry protection and exploitation.

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