Booklet titled 'Forest, Wood & Australia's Carbon Balance', published by Forest & Wood Products Australia. It contains information regarding Australia's sustainable forest products industry, and takes the position that commercial forests and plantations positively contribute to carbon balance in Australia and demonstrates the positive impact by including detailed charts, graphs and pictures. The brochure also presents arguments for the use of sustainably harvested wood as a source of bioenergy and highlights the dependence of communities on wood products used in residential housing, furniture and paper products.The booklet provides statistical data to validate its arguments and robustly defends the environmental contribution of the forest products industry, it notes that 'Australian plantations and commercial forest are a carbon sink: in 2004 they removed a net 43.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.'

Physical Description

14 page A4 size, full colour soft-cover booklet includes a matte laminate cover featuring a picture of a log of wood on solid black background. The interior includes colour photos, graphs and charts.


The booklet is important in representing the views of sustainable forest products industries in Australia and the role they play in environmental management. It also offers counterarguments in the current debate of commercial forestry and its environmental impact.

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