DSE pamphlet titled 'Bushfire Plans for Parks & Forests: Your Say...', published in August 2005. It informs fire prone communities about who is responsible for the management of fire on public land and private property. It also discusses how these communities can have a say in the Department of Sustainability and Environment's planning, education and maintenance in relation to bushfire preparation on public land.

Physical Description

DL 6 page roll fold pamphlet. Front text is reversed white out of orange background that runs at top and bottom with image of burning trees running through middle. Colour photocopy of original document.


Back burning is a contentious issue, which revolves around the necessity for governments to back burn areas of parks and forests. This debate is mainly due to some back burn operations getting out of control and becoming large fires and the complete lack of back burning leading to a build up of fuel in other areas.This pamphlet puts the Government's attitude to back burning into a pre Black Saturday context.

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