Map of the Marysville State Forest published by the Department of Sustainability and Environment in June 2003. It includes a large map of walking trails in Marysville and its immediate vicinity. A detailed smaller map includes a driving route of the area. The pamphlet includes information such as distance, duration and sights at specific destinations which are located on the walking trails.

The map also highlights the unique flora and fauna of the local area including the Leadbeater's possum. The Leadbeater's possum, which is one of Victoria's faunal emblems was thought to have been extinct until its rediscovery in1961 near Marysville and is currently classified as being an 'endangered species'.

Physical Description

A soft-cover green, orange and white, fold out map includes a cover featuring a picture of a waterfall set in a fern forest. The interior includes a large map of walking trails and trail information.


The pamphlet represents a poignant snapshot of the landscape and topography which existed before the Black Saturday bushfires. The pamphlet highlights the fragility of the environment and the impact of the bushfires on the local environment and community of Marysville and its surrounding areas prior to Black Saturday.

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