Booklet titled "Flamin' Parks The Neighbours from Hell" published by a voluntary organisation with an 'interest in access for recreational and commercial use of public land' in August 2002.

The pamphlet criticises government decisions in the areas of park management, feral control, bushfire prevention and the use of parks and reserves. It takes the position, expressed in robust terms, that environmental protectionism is harmful not only to the economic and recreational interests of the group but also threatens biodiversity, leads to greater bushfire danger and loss of habitat. The pamphlet offers alternate arguments to the debate of extending existing or creating new parks with a strong focus on bio-diversity management and feral animal control.

This was collected in May 2009 for the Victorian Bushfires Collection.

Physical Description

19-page soft-cover booklet with colour cover featuring a full-colour photograph of CFA truck and firefighters at a bushfire. The text is in black with the title in red. The interior contains black text and black-and-white photographs.


This pamphlet highlights the debates regarding environmental management and is a stark contrast to the position taken by many environmental and green groups. Its arguments demonstrate the complexity of dealing with the environment and the economy in light of changing climate and changing uses of public land.

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